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Nominations Now Open


At this year's GDLX, we are thrilled to introduce the GDL Indie Awards, sponsored by Frame-A-Game, a celebration dedicated to recognising the exceptional talent and creativity within the UK gaming industry.


These awards aim to spotlight the brilliant minds and passionate teams behind some of the most innovative and engaging games being created today.


We believe in honouring the hard work and dedication of indie developers who push the boundaries of game design, storytelling, and player experience.


Join us at the GDLX, where we will proudly present these prestigious awards in person to deserving studios, celebrating their achievements and contributions to the world of gaming. It's more than just an award ceremony; it's a night to celebrate the vibrant and dynamic community that makes the indie gaming scene truly special.


Celebrating Indie Excellence

At the GDL Indie Awards, we are dedicated to honoring the exceptional creativity and innovation within the UK gaming industry. Our awards celebrate the brilliant minds behind the most groundbreaking games, recognising their hard work and dedication. From captivating narratives to stunning visual art, each category highlights a unique aspect of game design, showcasing the diverse talents that make indie gaming so special. Join us in applauding the achievements of these talented developers who push the boundaries of what games can be.


Get Involved and Nominate

We invite you to be a part of the GDL Indie Awards by submitting your nominations. Whether you're a developer, a player, or a fan, your input can help us shine a spotlight on the most deserving games and creators. Nominating is easy, and your participation helps celebrate the creativity and dedication of the indie gaming community. Don't miss this chance to recognize the outstanding talent that shapes the future of gaming. Submit your nomination today and join us in celebrating the best in indie gaming.


A Night to Remember

The GDL Indie Awards ceremony is more than just an awards show; it's a vibrant celebration of the gaming community. Taking place at the GDLX industry after party, this event offers a unique opportunity for networking, sharing experiences, and building connections within the industry. Winners will receive their awards in person, making it a memorable night filled with excitement and recognition. With a highlight reel showcasing all nominated games and acceptance speeches from the winners, this event is set to be an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

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