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About Game Dev Local

Happy 4th anniversary to Game Dev London, now Game Dev Local!


As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked on over the past four years.


From our humble beginnings as a community hub for indie game developers to our evolution into Game Dev Local, we've remained steadfast in our commitment to supporting and empowering the UK indie game developer industry.

As Game Dev Local, we are more excited than ever to continue our mission of fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within the indie game development community.

With a renewed focus on serving the needs of UK indie game developers, we're dedicated to providing even more resources, networking opportunities, and support to help developers thrive and succeed in this dynamic industry.


Here's to four amazing years behind us and many more ahead as we embark on this exciting new chapter together!

Game Dev Local is a collective formed of developers, artists, designers, and all-around gaming enthusiasts, working together to give back to the UK game industry!

Through engaging interviews with industry veterans, insightful podcasts delving into game design, and lively meet-up events, we're bringing knowledge to game developers wherever they are.

Dive into our community-driven resources – from podcasts and blogs to live streams and panels. Wherever you are on your game development journey, we've got your back.

"Game Dev Local is a collective of developers, artists, designers, and all round gaming enthusiasts working together to give back to the UK game industry!"


Our Mission

Our Mission

At Game Dev Local, our mission is clear: to democratize knowledge within the gaming industry.

Whether it's through our enlightening chats with game dev veterans, our podcast deep-dives into all things game design, or our meet-ups where folks get to mingle face-to-face (both in-person and online), we're on a mission to bring the UK games industry closer together.

Our Vision

We're aiming high at Game Dev Local.


Our mission? To be the go-to hub for networking, learning, and personal growth in the UK gaming scene.


We're all about empowering every games creator to level up their skills, connect with fellow devs, and push the industry forward, one game at a time.

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